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Factory wholesale 2024 Aluminum Plate to Haiti Manufacturer

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2024 Aluminum Plate

This plate is made of an aluminum-copper alloy, with high strength-to-weight ratio. 2024 Aluminum plate is used for truck and aircraft wheels, truck suspension parts, and is useful in aircraft fusilage components. 2024 alloy does have limited weldability, but 2024 is less corrosion resistant than other alloys.

2024 alloy plate has good fatigue resisitance and is specified for many structural applications for aerospace, including fusilage structural components, wing tension structure, and shear ribs and webs.


  • Fuselage structurals
  • Wing tension members
  • Shear webs and ribs
  • Precision fittings
  • Truck wheels and parts for transportation
Chemical Composition Limits (WT %)
Silicon 0.5
Iron 0.5
Copper 3.8-4.9
Manganese 030.-0.9
Magnesium 1.2-1.8
Chromium 0.1
Zinc 0.25
Titanium 0.15
Others, each 0.05
Others, total 0.15
Balance, Aluminum  
Typical Mechanical Properties
Thickness Tensile Strength Yield Strength Elongation
.250 – 4.00 64-57 42-41 12-4
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  • The machine Equipment
    1. This filling machine is suitable for daily chemical, pesticide, beverage, chemical industry, filling materials, capping, aluminum foil sealing, labeling, marking, unpacking, packing, sealing and other technology production line;
    2, the machine is fully automatic intelligent linear gravity filling machine, microcomputer programming control, photoelectric sensor, electric air control. Full-color touch-screen interface, the entire filling process to complete the setup and automatic filling of the filling volume, filling heads through the touch-screen device, the process is basically one-button operation.
    3. Machine using food-grade stainless steel, high temperature, acid corrosion, in line with food hygiene standards.
    4. Using an umbrella gravity filling principle, liquid flow along the sidewall to reduce foam, to prevent liquid spill. Anti-drip filling head, the filling process to ensure hygiene.
    5. linear transporter, easy to adjust to fit most bottles (especially shaped bottle) filling.
    6. Automatic cover using vibration principle, four pairs of synchronized folders cap, with no cover automatic alarm function, torque adjustable;
    7, automatic dual-side positioning stickers plus round bottle labeling machines, automatic labeling function with online;
    8, using online foil sealing machine (with aluminum foil detection culling) with online function aluminum foil;
    9, using online ink inkjet machine (optional laser standard machine) Online Coding;
    10, with automatic row of bottles, packing functions;
    11, with automatic box, folding cover sealing function;

    The machine’s unique advantages:
    1. Advanced intelligent operating system
    With PLC software support, adjust the amount of just set a target amount on the touch screen, the device can automatically increase or decrease to achieve the target amount. Taiwan Willen color touch display, touch screen perform various functions all operations, monitoring, operating instructions.
    2. Stable filling and refilling function
    The use of functional separation principle, no fluid in the filling process, rehydration process is not filling, thus overcoming the float filling without stability rehydration.
    3. The vial bottle features automatic card
    The machine plus the bayonet fitting to ensure consistent bottle and filling nozzle filling small capacity (bottles, etc.).
    4. Wide range of applications, easy to adjust
    Suitable for most bottles (especially shaped bottles) No low viscous liquid particles without gas filling, to overcome the rotary filling machine to replace the dial when changing bottles and other problems, for rotary filling machine can not fill irregular bottle, it has a greater advantage.
    5. Closing the filling process, pollution
    Filling machine is fully enclosed, in line with the requirements of national health standards, to health, to reduce secondary pollution.
    Workflow: Artificial feeding bottle detection Automatic barrier bottle — — — quantitative filling mouth drop dispensing automatic filling machine — — automatic capping reason capped (four spin-clip, press spin) — Online aluminum foil (with aluminum foil detection culling) – automatic labeling (paste, stickers, hot melt adhesive optional) — Coding (ink, laser optional) — Auto automatic packing lanes row of bottles — — automatic box – Folding Carton Sealing —– enter palletizing station, (optional stacking, winding machine)

    Main technical parameters:
    Power supply voltage: AC220V / 380V 50 / 60HZ
    Power: ≤12-15KW
    Air pressure: 0.7Mpa
    Use pressure: 0.4-0.8Mpa
    Bottle-shaped bottle: bottles and caps provided by Guichang
    Production capacity: 1500-2000 bottles / hour (500ML dollars)
    Filling accuracy: ± 1% (with the filling material and filling range)
    Dimensions (whole line approximately): 25000 × 2200 × 1950mm
    Weight: about 3000-4000kg

    More infor please contact us:
    Tel:13717121005 (Coco Kuang lady)

    Anodizing is a process that is used by many of our customers and involves changing the surface oxide of the aluminum. This process is carried out for a number of reasons such as improving the wear performance of the surface, improving the corrosion resistance of the surface but in many cases just making the surface look more attractive. This anodized surface may appear a ‘normal’ aluminum color, but in many cases a final color is created by the process to make it more attractive in the final application. A uniform Anodized surface is what Kaiser calls an “enhanced characteristic”. It is expected by the customer that they will be able to anodize the final part they make, but they are often not satisfied with the results. Parts can have a ‘blotchy’ appearance or variation in the desired color. The KaiserSelect™ products are designed to ensure the final product surface finish will meet the customer expectations for every final part. The anodizing process is usually completed as the last stage of the manufacturing process, with the full cost of making the part invested by the manufacturer. If the parts are rejected at this late point in the manufacturing process there is significant cost involved as well as missed delivery dates to downstream customers. We had complaints that there was too much material being wasted. KaiserSelect™ products have been designed to provide a very consistent grain structure through the cross section of the starting semi-fabricated product. This leads to the final part anodized finish also being consistent. This consistency of grain size is controlled in the manufacturing process for Rod and Bar products, as well as our plate products where thicknesses can be as much as 10ins [250mm] for 6061 alloy used in the semi-conductor industry. There are some customers in the Rod market who require a very controlled grain structure to meet their final finishing needs. KaiserSelect Ultra Precision Rod™ has been developed to meet these needs and again prevent the rejection of parts at the final process of anodizing.

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